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Staff Contacts

For more information on the products, manufacturers, and services that we provide, contact our staff at Kahant Electrical Supply Co. in Randolph, New Jersey. If you would like to request a quote, please contact us via e-mail. We will reply within 24 hours.

Additional Staff Contacts:

Kelly Crummy, President
Email: kcrummy@kahant.com
Frank Picorale, General Manager
Email: fpicorale@kahant.com
Vicki Basile, Accounts Payable
Email: vbasile@kahant.com
Keith Davison, Accounts Receivable
Email: kdavison@kahant.com

  Jerry Patane, Outside Sales
Email: jpatane@kahant.com                               

George Flugel, Inside Sales
Email: gflugel@kahant.com

Kevin Tierney, Inside Sales
Email: ktierney@kahant.com

Patrick McGrath, Outside Sales
Email: pmcgrath@kahant.com
Kathy Smith, Office Manager/Controller
Email: ksmith@kahant.com